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Buena atención al cliente. Gran variedad de alojamientos en la zona de Marbella y Puerto Banús. Alquilamos un Villa con piscina privada y barbacoa cerca de la playa, restaurantes, etc..Y pasamos unas vacaciones ...

Claudia E.

Myself and a group of friends rented a summer villa in Marbella Througb Douvle, and was truly a great experience. Noelia took care of every single detail from the moment of arrival until we left. The villa was spacious..

Shadi A.

Reserve una villa de 4 dormitorios con piscina privada, con unos amigos en Bali el año pasado y fue fantástica. Estuvimos 5 días y tuvimos chef privado que nos preparaba el desayunó y luego las cenas de comida típica de Indonesia..

Iris Batallé

Nous avons loué une villa à Mallorca avec cette société et tout s'est très bien passé. La villa était très confortable, pratique et spacieuse. Merci beaucoup et à très bientôt pour une nouvelle expérience!

Diego M.


From Our Blog

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GF Marbella

Marbella is a true treasure of the Costa del Sol. Located in the beautiful province of Malaga, this city has everything any tourist could wish for a perfect vacation. Its mild and sunny weather is simply unbeatable, with pleasant temperatures throughout the year.

Marbella is famous for its stunning white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters that are perfect for sun, sea, and water activities lovers. Moreover, if you are a true epicurean, you will definitely find a wide variety of high-end restaurants, bars, and shops that will provide you with a lively and vibrant atmosphere all day long, and is possible to find safe restaurants where a celiac can eat without being worried about cross contamination.




1.- Restaurante Alfredo

(Mediterránean cuisine)

If you want to try the real cuisine of Andalusia you must come here! It is a very cozy family restaurant where they offer Spanish meats and seafood served in a dining room with stone details and bull heads hanging from the wall. It also has a large outdoor terrace where you can eat both in summer and winter. Inside they have hot/cold air conditioning. Both the owner Alfredo, his 2 children, and his employees are extremely helpful people, friendly and willing to help you in any way they can, and that is why it is possible that they can adapt many dishes for you.

What are the dishes you shouldn’t miss?

In general, they can adapt almost any dish! The most notable thing is that they can make gluten-free frying, fried fish or whatever, isn’t that exciting? 👏🏻

All dishes are served with French fries as a garnish that we can eat, because they are homemade and fried in a fryer ONLY for french fries. 

If you like meat, you have to try their star dish, Venison fillets with mushroom sauce (picture up), you have to tell them to make the sauce gluten-free (they make it fresh and it is even better than the normal one).

  • They also have gluten-free bread 😉

2.- Chiringuito los 3 pepes

Beach Restaurant by the sea with sunbeds with Mediterranean Kitchen and everything you would expect from it. The delicious food with a lot of variety (the skewers and fried food from Malaga stand out). 

Fast service, very friendly staff and quality food make this place one of the best options to eat gluten-free fried fish in Marbella.

What are the dishes you shouldn’t miss?

If you ask, they can make gluten-free fish and french fries. The paellas are gluten-free and you should try their skewers in season (the months that do not contain R are when the sardines are best). 

Recommended fried fish: “Chipirones” , squid and Boquerones al limón.

  • They also have hot gluten-free bread with butter!

3.- Restaurante Corleone

Italian Restaurant in Marbella, spacious, decorated and a large terrace. It has a very extensive menu:

There are meats, fish, pizzas, fresh stuffed pasta, desserts, beer and all of this without gluten.

  • They don’t accept credit cards 😬
  • Ask for Pablo because he is the best waiter, always happy to help and advise you.

What are the dishes you shouldn’t miss?

They make the gluten-free pizza dough daily and bake it in a separate oven so there are no contamination problems.

My recommendation is: La Pizza Caprichosa.

A thin dough that has nothing to envy of a wheat pizza!

They also have gluten-free bread and beer.

4.- celicioso

Celicioso in Puente Romano Marbella, is the first completely gluten-free restaurant specialized in gluten-free cakes and detox juices. With modern decoration and a large indoor and outdoor area, with sofas and tables where you can have breakfast, lunch or snack without worrying about cross contamination.

What are the dishes you shouldn’t miss?

Celicioso’s breakfast menu is simply irresistible. From classic options to innovative creations, each dish is carefully crafted using high-quality, gluten-free ingredients.

You can enjoy options such as fluffy pancakes, gourmet toast, acai bowls, refreshing smoothies and a variety of delicious cakes and pies. The variety of options available ensures that all palates find something to delight.

My recommendations: The Lima cupcake, the Macarpone one and the red velvet. Banoffee and carrot cake. The chicken burger and curry pasta are very good.

  • Prices are a little higher here.

3.- Manuka

In Marbella there are 4 Manuka Restaurants, where you can have breakfast, lunch, snack or even dinner, since they close at 11:00 p.m. For me, the one I like the most is the one inside the Alanda hotel right in front of Puente Romano, since it has a nice indoor area and a very nice terrace with outdoor tables and sofas, plus you can park comfortably in inside and then you just have to let them know when you leave that you have been eating there so you don’t have to pay for parking.

What are the dishes you shouldn’t miss?

Manuka’s restaurants has a modern decoration, international cuisine with most healthy options, gluten-free and even vegetarian options.

My recommendations:

For breakfast I recommend the Açai Bowl, it is quite large and comes with fruit and crunchy muesli. Their smoothies are very delicious, I recommend the Vitamin C-Booster or the Berry-Blast, both very rich and nutritious!

If you are going for lunch, I recommend that you order the Sweet Potato Fries that comes with a very delicious chipotle sauce (a little spicy) and try their Prawn taco. They have quite a few gluten-free options and they are all very delicious.

  • Prices are a little higher here.

3.- sakura sushi

It is located in Puerto Banús, in a fairly quiet area, the waiters are very friendly and they have been open for many years.

This is one of my favorite places to eat sushi, since they adapt the sushi so that a celiac can eat there without a problem. 

What are the dishes you shouldn’t miss?

Japanese restaurant with many gluten-free options. 

Surimi contains gluten, so you have to replace it with something else and sauces should be avoided (teriyaki, etc.). 

My recommendations:

1.- Kyoto Roll (without sauce)
2.- Ichiban Roll (the best)
3.- California tobico (change surimi for salmon)
4.- Tokyo roll (change surimi for fresh tuna)

  • They have gluten-free soy sause.

3.- organic

It is a very nice and pleasant place located on the golden mile, right in front of Marbella Club Hotel. Almost the entire menu offers gluten-free and vegan options, both sweet and savory. It also has very delicious healthy juices!

It has an indoor area and a covered outdoor area. Be it a breakfast, or a brunch, or a meal. It is always a success.

It is not a cheap place, but in Marbella it is a bit difficult to find a place like this.

You can bring animals, and the place is very nice.


What are the dishes you shouldn’t miss?

1.- Benedictine eggs

2.- Vegan burger

3.- pizza

4.- Cheesecake

Pastry shops, cafes and ice cream parlors


3.- Cafeteria Salduba

It is located in San Pedro de Alcántara, with a modern interior area and an exterior terrace.

Do you feel like eating a good sandwich or a chocolate Neapolitan (Pan au Chocolat)? This is your place without a doubt! They are bakeries, they make their own gluten-free breads and pastry you can even order gluten-free birthday cakes from them. It is a paradise for the sweetest celiacs!

What are the dishes you shouldn’t miss?

If you are going to have breakfast you should try their sandwiches, they have small or large gluten-free bread, and you can order anything from simple toast with butter and jam to a sandwich filled with meat, peppers, etc.

If you have some space for a sweet, I recommend that you try them since they are all very good!

My recommendations:

1.- Sandwich with Marinated loin, cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.
2.- Pan au chocolat ( Napolitana de chocolate)
3.- apple puff pastry
4.- Chocolate palm or carrot cake too!

  • There is no danger of cross contamination

3.- Heladeria la Golosa

Ice cream parlor located in Puerto Banus, all ice creams have labeled allergens, including whether they are gluten-free. have gluten-free cone in individual packages, so definitely no cross-contamination really enjoyed!

Hoi An in 3 days – Itinerary


3 days itinerary in Hoi An

"The city of my thousand colors​"

Located on the banks of the Thun Bon River, Hoi An is one of the most beautiful and charming cities in Vietnam. Made up of Chinese, Japanese, French, Dutch and Indians who created the ancient city of Hoi An, turning its old town into one of the most influential commercial areas in all of Asia. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is a place anchored in time that has managed to preserve the same appearance it had centuries ago, back when it was an important commercial port.


Discovering Hoi An

Leave your accommodation in Da Nang to head to Hoi An, which is an hour away by car. Check in at your hotel in Hoi An and take a bike to go around the town.

We stayed at the “Golden Holiday Hotel & Spa” hotel, we paid about €33/night for a deluxe double room with a balcony. The hotel is new, the rooms are big and comfortable and it is a 15′ walk from the center. They offer you free bikes during your stay (also with baby seat).